A cross-cultural resiliency training experience

Adelante is a holistic assessment, training and coaching experience for workers living and serving cross-culturally, who have been in their current context between 1-5 years.

What is Adelante?

Backpacking Essentials

  • In the intentional vision of aiding cross-cultural workers to move healthily forward with resiliency, the Adelante event metaphorically acts as a full-service to ministry leaders in their critical, first 1-5 years of ministry. It’s base camp!

  • We chose the name “Adelante” as in Spanish this means “onward” or “forward”. At Adelante, leaders stop in their ministry trek for a longer rest, for refreshment, for restocking of supplies, to learn new skills, to gain perspective, to enjoy communal learning and table fellowship and, most importantly, to have time to connect with God in a quiet space with fellow workers before heading back out on the trail.

  • It is a key milestone along the journey for resiliency in ministry. By the end of the week, each participant will be able to identify and articulate his or her own personal “backpacking essentials” and needs for sustainability and resiliency going forward.

What can I expect?

  • Connection and co-learning with others in a similar season of cross-cultural ministry

  • Adelante is actually a nine month process! In addition to the input you’ll receive at the Adelante event, you will also receive professional coaching sessions by the Adelante team before and after the event to help your personal resiliency goals take root. The most significant topics that take leaders off the field prematurely are covered in the training—including conflict resolution, expectations, theology of suffering, grief and loss, balancing family and ministry, and more…

  • Spiritual refreshment and soul care. Plenty of time is built into the week for rest and recharge!  The Adelante team is also on hand to provide counselling, spiritual direction, coaching and healing prayer.  We start each day in extended worship together and there are opportunities for exercise and outdoor activity built in during the week.

  • Geared to the whole family and singles. A high-quality children’s and youth program will be available throughout the week, addressing some of the key resiliency material of the training, but at an age-appropriate level. Families will be encouraged as well to process some of the materials together.

  • Rest and discovery in beautiful Southern Spain. Adelante takes place just a few minutes from the Mediterranean and there will be lots of time to both learn from and relax at the beach. The water is an important theme throughout the week as we reflect on and learn from Peter’s missionary journey.

Dates & Location 2020

Arrival:    Sunday, May 24th, 2020 (by 3pm)

Departure:  Sunday, May 31st, 2020 (after breakfast)

Location:  Torre de Benagalbón, Málaga, Spain.  Centro Ecuménico los Rubíos is a Christian retreat and training centre just a short walk from a beautiful and peaceful stretch of the Costa del Sol and less than thirty minutes from Málaga airport.


Full board and lodging prices for 2020

Board/lodging fees include seven nights’ accommodation in double or quadruple rooms.  You can request a room on your own but we are not able to guarantee this will be possible. If this is a problem for you, please contact  All materials, transportation and activities during the week are included in the price you pay. Plus we include three meals per day (Spanish and international cuisine) and all snacks and drinks during the day.

Early Bird Rate
(pay your deposit by December 31st 2019)
Normal Rate
(by April 30th 2020)
per adult or child 12+595 euros (670 USD)650 euros (725 USD)
per child 4-12495 euros (550 USD)550 euros (605 USD)

Discounts available: Early bird rate Normal rate

Couple (with no children or under 4s) 1150 euros (1270 USD) 1250 euros (1370 USD)

Family (couple + 1 paying child) 1625 euros (1795 USD) 1725 euros (1895 USD)

Family (couple + 2 children) 1895 euros (2095 USD) 1995 euros (2195 USD)

Family (couple + 3 children or more) 2095 euros (2300 USD) 2195 euros (2400 USD)

Conference Fee* (payable with your deposit)

125 euros         single adult

250 euros         per couple or family


  1. *Conference fee is waived for Novo staff.

  2. Please do not book flights until your application has been approved and deposit paid. Once you have received receipt of payment for your deposit, you may proceed with booking your flights for the event..

  3. Babies/toddlers under 4 are free of charge whenever you book!

  4. Your final balance will be due for payment by March 31st 2020.  If you register before March 31st 2020, you may pay a deposit and your full payment will be automatically debited from the same account on March 31st 2020.  If there is still availability and you register between March 31st 2020 and April 30th 2020, you will need to pay the full balance.

  5. Closing date for applications is April 30th 2020. Space is limited to 20-25 adult participants (depending on how many children there are too) so, to avoid disappointment, please do not leave applying to the last minute

  6. Sorry, but all payments are non-refundable.

Scholarships are available!

We try to keep the costs of Adelante as low as possible whilst still providing a quality event.  

Please do not allow financial concerns to keep you from expressing interest in attending! 

Information on potential financial assistance scholarships is available upon request by emailing

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Cerny Smith Assessment

Each adult participant will also need to make one online purchase of the Cerny Smith Assessment (CSA) for 50USD one month before the event, and a second CSA purchase 6 months after the event (total of 100USD).

[*Note: CSA assessment fees are already covered for Novo staff]



Optional excursions

We offer an optional excursion on one of the afternoons.  This year, we are offering two options:

  1. Cuevas de Nerja – Discovered by accident in 1959 by some locals, Nerja’s caves contain the world’s longest and largest stalactite.  These four-km-long, 35 km-wide caves are a stunningly beautiful underground experience.  The caves are a scenic 30 minute drive from Los Rubíos and are sure not to disappoint.  Cost – 12 euros per adult, 8 euros per child. For more information see the website

  2. Malaga city – often used just as an arrival point to the Costa del Sol, Malaga does have a lot to offer.  It has a beautiful old quarter with an impressive cathedral, a Picasso museum (he was born here), a castle and fort offering spectacular views over the Mediterranean, beaches, good shopping and a newly-developed port area, among other things. Cost – 5 euros per adult, 10 euros per couple/family.  For more information see the website

These excursions are optional.  If you do choose to go, please just select one.  On that afternoon, feel free just to enjoy the beach or the grounds of the centre if you would prefer that.  If you can’t decide now, you can add this at a later date.

Getting to Adelante

Travel to/from Adelante

Adelante will take place in Torre de Benalgalbón, about 30 minutes from Málaga airport.  Málaga is well-served by many international carriers and connects with dozens of European countries with good onward connections to cities outside of Europe.

Transfers are available from the airport or Málaga’s Maria Zambrano train station on arrival day and departure day.  These transfers are free of charge.

Please plan to arrive by 3pm at the airport or the train station on Sunday, May 24th 2020.  If you are travelling by car, please plan to arrive at the event by 4pm.

You will be free to leave after breakfast on Sunday, May 31st 2020.  Transfers will be available up until 12pm on this day.

Ready to apply?

We are delighted you are ready to apply for Adelante! If you have any problems at any point,  please email and we will do our best to help you.


Application:  Fill out the online application and wait for confirmation of approval by email from the Adelante Team. Applications will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited!

Note: Novo staff, please also consult your supervisor when you fill out the application.


You may either pay a deposit now (100 euros or 120 USD per adult or child participant) and full balance by March 31st 2020 or you can pay in full straightaway.

Once you have received application approval from the Adelante team, you have two payment options.  

Our payment page is not yet available but will be very soon. You can either pay in US dollars by clicking on the PAY button below or you may pay in euros.  

If you would like to pay in euros please get in touch with us on  

For workers not part of Novo, you will also need to pay your conference fee, if applicable, at the time of booking.

You can also pay for the optional excursion now (although you can think about this and pay for this at a later date if you prefer).



Book flights or transportation:  Once your application has been approved, you have registered and received receipt of payment for the event, you may proceed with booking your flights for the event.

Please plan to arrive, if possible, by 3pm (Spain time) at the latest at Malaga airport (or train station) on Sunday, May 24th 2020. If you are travelling by car directly to Centro Los Rubíos, please plan to arrive by 4pm.

You may plan your departing flight or train any time on Sunday, May 31st 2020.

A great take-away was remembering to be in the deep places with God. Not to discount uncomfortable feelings as not important, or as ungodly. To pursue intimacy with God has become my priority and not to worry about difficult feelings, but to release them to God and to expect good things back from him.
— Adelante 2019 attendee